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Handmade Music from the Ozarks

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Welcome to Shawnee Creek Mandolins
All Shawnee Creek Mandolins are made in the USA
and have hand-carved tops and backs.




Made using fine tone woods
from Old Standard Wood
in Fulton, Missouri
Tops:  Adirondack red spruce or blue spruce
Back, sides & necks: Red maple or sugar maple,
with walnut and cherry available upon request.

American Made  --  Handcarved   --  Custom Order

                                                                 Contact information:

Shawnee Creek Woodworks
Mike Holmes

phone (870) 577-4021
16435 Hwy E

Eminence MO 65466





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Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
I Corinithians 15:57